Sagebrush Forthwind



Sagebrush Forthwind was the beautiful sister of Vanguard Forthwind when they lived in Matthallal many years ago. She was taken prisoner by Laird and Jack Bornfist when the settlement was raided by the Bloodreavers for slaves. Her life was spared and shortly after she became the consort of Jack Bornfist where, in time, bore him a son named Horatio.

Ted Bornfist slowly grew jealous of his brother’s beautiful prize and wanted her for himself. Jack sent him away to become the mayor of the newly established and beautiful town of Bornfistia that was built over top the ruins of Matthallal, so as to hide the atrocities that happened there. A short time ago, when the Domain of Dread began to form beneath the town due to the massive amount necrotic energy, Ted Bornfist pleaded to his brother asking for Sagebrush so that he might spill her blood on the altar of Orcus in the Unhallowing ritual which would stop the Domain of Dread from forming in his territory.

Jack Bornfist obliged reluctantly and handed over the woman to his younger brother. He hired a priest named Grundeldorr to perform the Unhallowing ritual, transferring the necrotic energy from the land into the newly deceased body of Sagebrush hereby transforming her into a lich. In the mysterious ways of Orcus, she was raised shortly after and given control of a undead horde, hell bent on slaying every living creature in the name of Orcus.

Being a lich, Sagebrush has a phylactery, a small magical amulet or charm that contains her soul and sustains her unlife. Sagebrush, in life, was obsessed with the stories of the hero Matthias Van Hallan, the mythical hero and founding father of Matthallal. Sir Matthias’ prized possession was a small family-crested golden locket that held inside a blue gemstone. It was this very locket that Sagebrush chose to be her phylactery, knowing that only someone “Pure of Heart,” “Swift of Sword,” and “Sharp of Mind” could reach the crypt of Van Hallan.

Hated by Ted Bornfist for being the son of his brother, Horatio, a young boy at this time was hunted down and supposedly “murdered” by Ted Bornfist’s men. Although missing a leg he did escape with his life and he wrote a mysterious letter to Vanguard hoping to inform the UTA of this plot. The UTA responded and with his help Vanguard and the others learned of this dastardly plot of ruination.

Unfortunately for our heroes and the world at large, someone without any pureness in their heart reached the tomb of Matthias Van Hallan—Harold Helmfist. Helmfist was looking for the locket as well, but for a different purpose. The Knapsackian found that the locket was also a piece of his “artifact” that he dedicated his life to finding. As the UTA climbed the steps of the crypt looking for Ted Bornfist (who was looking for the phylactery), Helmfist stood over top the tomb and grabbed the locket before everyone’s eyes only to cackle maniacally and disappear with a loud crack.

Now Sagebrush roams the lands in control of a zombie horde slaying innocents without any hope of being stopped, save the destruction of the phylactery. But with the phylactery in Helmfist’s hands and his whereabouts unknown, our heroes are left with only minor leads, pointing them in the direction of the Shadowfell…


Sagebrush Forthwind

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