Prince Rolan the Deathless

The long-lived ruler of Gloomwrought


Age: ?
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 170
Race: Shadowborn Human
Class: Fighter (Slayer)
Alignment: neutral
Deity: ?

Hair Color: black
Eye Color: blue
Body Type: average human
Birthplace: ???, Shadowfell


A shadowborn human who has ruled in the now-eponymous Deathless Keep for over 300 years. The source of his unnaturally long life is unknown but widely speculated upon by power players in Gloomrwought. Recently, many have begun to suspect the influence of his consort, the Deva called Feluria.

Rolan has developed a reputation for disinterest in the city and its people in recent centuries. This has provoked some groups, notably the Midnight’s Own, to seek his ouster. For the most part, Rolan is content to ignore these trifles, leaving some emblance of “law enforcement” to his Deathless Watch. His power should not be underestimated, however – the shattered isles in Gloomwrought’s port, created during the infamous Sever, serve as a reminder of Rolan’s true power when his rule is threatened.

The UTA recently discovered the source of Rolan’s unnatural long life – a gentleman’s pact with an ancient Dracolich, Uxinrylm, who resided in the Hall of Ancients. Unfortunately for Rolan, such relationships often prove treacherous. The Dracolich made his move as the undead army approached, and Rolan was left old and crippled in the aftermath. The UTA themselves elected not to save him, leaving him to an overdue demise.

Prince Rolan the Deathless

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