Shadar Kai leader of Ghost Talon


Age: 69
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 170
Race: Shadar-kai
Class: Soldier
Alignment: neutral (Shadar Kai)
Deity: Raven Queen
Hair Color: jet black
Eye Color: blue-grey
Skin Tone: ashy grey
Body Type: slender
Birthplace: Gloomwrought, Shadowfell


Oristus is the leader of the Ghost Talon, a volatile group of Shadar Kair supremacists in Gloomwrought. Like their compatriots, the Midnight’s Own, the Ghost Talon seek the ouster of Prince Rolan and institution of a more democratic government in the grey city. Oristus’ unique brand of revolutionary fervor, however, advocates the ascendancy of the Shadar Kai people to sole ownership of Gloomwought, as it was in the earliest days of the Shadowfell.

Oristus was once a devout priest of the Raven Queen, and still considers himself to be a follower. His sister, Nira, disagreed with his political inclinations, and so she had him excommunicated several decades previously. He is content to worship the Raven Queen outside the confines of the official church, but his relationship with his sister has become more and more strained.

Recently, Oristus and the Ghost Talon took advantage of chaos wrought by an undead army threat to foment uprising in Gloomwrought’s Docks. They quickly established control, effectively creating a separate city-state overseeing all of Gloomwrought’s lucrative sea trade. They call their new city Groost-Otshin, a traditional name for Gloomwrought as founded by the Shadar Kai. This new city is reserved for Shadar Kai alone, as seen in widespread deportations from the district and rumors of genocide.


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