High-Priestess of the Raven Queen in Gloomwrought


Age: 67
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 120
Race: Shadar-kai
Class: Cleric
Alignment: neutral
Deity: Raven Queen
Hair Color: jet black
Eye Color: blue-grey
Skin Tone: ashy grey
Body Type: slender
Birthplace: Gloomwrought, Shadowfell


Nira was born with the curse endured by all shadar-kai: a need to find something, anything to care about. Forsaking the marshal pursuits and ornamentation of the body enjoyed by lesser members of her race, Nira found her passion in devotion to the Raven Queen. She has followed her Dark Mistress’ orders to the letter for the better part of four decades, rising up through the ranks when her talents became recognized. A master sorceress and unflinching leader of the faith, Nira is now the High Priestess of Raven’s Eyrie, the largest temple to the Raven Queen in any plane, outside Letherna itself.

Nira has special enmity for Prince Rolan, whose deathless reign she views as an affront to the laws of fate and death. She would do anything for the Raven Queen, even relinquish her post, although she would be loathe to leave her duties in the hands of someone who was unworthy.

During a tumultuous period in Gloomwrought, with an undead army at the very gates of the city, Nira sought guidance from the Raven Queen. Unfortunately, she was betrayed and apparently struck down by Nerull in disguise. With Nira dead, Raven’s Eyrie now lies leaderless and adrift, its future uncertain.


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