The Reaper, The Foe of All Good, and supposedly, Orsik's New Bestie


Age: timeless
Height: 14’11"
Weight: 1644
Class: deity
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Hair Color: none
Eye Color: red
Skin Tone: no skin
Body Type: lumped together bones
Birthplace: unknown

In his recent reappearances, Nerull has been seen wearing a thick black cloak that obscures his grotesque features. He continues to wield his scythe, aptly named Lifecutter.


Nerull was the Greater deity of Death, Darkness, Trickery, and Pestilence until a powerful Sorcerer-Queen entered his realm. This woman, who would in time become known as the Raven Queen, seduced Nerull and eventually rebelled against him. Nerull was defeated and presumably obliterated by the Raven Queen after his defeat (see Sorrowmere).

Orsik the Seeker, however, has communicated with Nerull in his uses of the Sorrowmere. Other minions of Nerull have recently appeared in Gloomwrought, giving the impression that he may be behind the Raven Queen’s recent absence (see also Vorkhesis).


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