Former consort to Prince Rolan, Ruler of Gloomwrought


Feluria came to Gloomwrought over half a century ago. It is said that Prince Rolan spirited the deva away to his court before even that first night had passed. Feluria hasn’t left Rolan’s side ever since. Rumor has it that Rolan’s unnatural long life is due in part to the influence of his immortal consort, but nobody can say for sure. In any case, life in the Shadowfell has taken its toll on the deva. Each day some of her natural radiance fades, and she is quick to seek out news of the Astral Sea from visitors to the court.

Most recently, with the death of Prince Rolan, Feluria assumed control of the Deathless Keep and management of Gloomwrought’s affairs. How stable this new government would prove to be during the transition remains to be seen.


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