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Welcome to the online base of the Uncomfortably Tall Adventures! The moniker comes from the party’s name, seeing as they are 1) All unusually tall and 2) Not very good at naming things. It’s also sort of a pun on tall tales, but you maybe caught on to that already.

Anyway, session summaries are posted in the Adventure Log. The Wiki and Characters sections contain information about the campaign world, a traditional “Points of Light” D&D setting. Sessions involve both roleplay and 4e combat, with experience bonuses for particularly good character development. Limited house rules and other info are in the Wiki.

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Trivia Question! (3/20/14)

How did Prince Rolan unnaturally extend his life?

Bonus question! (for a second winner)

What was the doll holding in its hand? (Sagebrush’s phylactery)

(First player to email me the correct answer will be awarded 50 experience points)

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Uncomfortably Tall Adventures

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