The Planes

Major Planes

Primary Material Plane – this is where “all the stuff is”.

The Astral Sea – A vast sea speckled with shimmering stars, the Astral Sea is home to most of the Good deities as well as other Lords and native beings. It is a beautiful place but far from unblemished – gods wage war as often as mortals. In addition, the Astral Sea is the location of the Nine Hells, home to the society of Devils.

The Elemental Chaos – the raging plane of raw elemental power surges with unpredictable fury. A seed of pure evil once planted deep within its churning depths spawned the Abyss, home of demons. Demons, as distinct from devils, seek to emulate the furious chaos in which they were spawned. Although the majority of the Elemental Chaos is simply untamed, the Abyss is overtly evil.


The Shadowfell

The Feywild – this counterpart to the Shadowfell was once formed from the most vibrant and floral elements of the fledgling Primary MaterialPplane. It is the native home of Eladrin, and their hillbilly cousins called “Elves”. Gnomes and Drow also originate in the Fey, although the Drow that reside there maintain there penchant for dwelling deep underground.

The planes

The Planes

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