PC Item Wishlist


  • Bloodcut Armor +3
  • Wolfen Longsword +3
  • Jagged Weapon +3 (shortsword)
  • Radiant weapon +3 longbow
  • Bracers of Archery (paragon tier)
  • Gloves of Accuracy


  • Nothing, please. I prefer to live off the bounty of the land.


  • One of these three lovely level 12 leather armours, in order of preference:
    *Door #1: Feytouched armour lvl 12
    *Door #2: Repulsion armour lvl 12
    *Door #3: Flickersight armour lvl 12
    *Also, the Ring of Eladrin passage. It increases the range of teleports. They might as well just call it the Finn Ring.


  • Arm slot: Executioner’s Bracers (Paragon tier), Flame Bracers, or Bracers of Defense
  • Feet slot: Assassin’s Slippers, Shadowdancer’s Boots, Assault Boots, or Flanker’s Boots Rash and Reckless, artifact boots of legend!
  • Head slot: Mask of Tears level 16
  • Neck slot: Elven Cloak +3, Sneak’s Cloak +3, Cloak of the Stalking Shadow +3 (Those last two are from M.M.I so I dunno if we are not using those items, no?)


  • Bits of string
  • Peanutbutter
  • Canned yams

PC Item Wishlist

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