This is not an exhaustive list – included are only the major deities and those revered by a member of the UTA.

Good Deities

Avandra – The goddess of Luck and Change resides in the Astral Sea. Her symbol is three silver lines.

Bahamut – the oldest and most powerful of the living gods upholds justice from his domain in the Astral Sea. He is associated with a great platinum dragon, or even a kindly old man with canaries. He fights for Justice, Honor, and the Law.

Pelor – The god of Light and the Sun resides in the Astral Sea. Called “The Sun Father” and the “Radiant Lord”, Pelor cares more for the plight of mortals than most of his deified cohort. His followers pledge to be a warm hearth to the needy, but also to be a blinding light that drives evil from the world.

Evil Lords & Deities

Demogorgon – this demon lord holds court in the Abyss and is most well known for his blood feud with Orcus. His towering form is ape-like but also sinuous and covered in a reptilian hide; rather than arms Demogorgon sprouts two lashing tentacles from each shoulder. His two mandrill heads, Aameul the calculating and Hethradiah the visceral, evince competing personalities which constantly scheme against his many enemies.

Nerull – the former god of death once ruled the frigid wastes called Pluton in the Astral Sea. Having been struck down by his former consort, a sorceress who would become the Raven Queen, his domain has been vacant for several thousand years. Nerull’s favored symbols were a red skeleton or a hooded figure wielding a vicious scythe. Less forgiving than even the Raven Queen, Nerull was called Hater of Life, Foe of all Good, and Dark Bringer.

Orcus – the demon prince of the undead squats on his thrown of writhing flesh deep in the bowels of the Abyss. He does little besides squatting and hating, preferring to direct his numerous followers and lesser demonic servants to do his dirty work for him. The main recipient of his hatred is the Raven Queen whom he envies and wishes to overthrow, but he also indiscriminately hates everything else. He appears as an enormous and fat red demon with leathery wings and a goat’s head; he wields a powerful skull-capped wand which is said to be the remains of a desecrated deity who once defied him.

Vecna – the god of Secrets was once a mage turned lich, but now he most often appears as a gaunt corpse or an animated skeleton. Whatever form he takes his left hand and eye are permanently absent, hence the emblematic symbol of his cult: an eye in the palm of a severed left hand. He prizes knowledge, especially the forbidden, and is unwilling to share his dark secrets with anyone. His enemies are limitless, but he draws especial ire from his compatriots in the realm of the dead, the Raven Queen and Orcus.

Unaligned Deities

Corellon – the god of Nature and the Fey holds court in the Feywild. He is revered by the Eladrin but all lovers of nature pay him tribute.

The Raven Queen – forsaking her rightful place in the Astral Sea, the goddess of Fate and Death reigns in the region of Lethernia in the Shadowfell. There she welcomes all recently dead souls to be judged before their journey to the Far Realm. She appears as the white Mistress of Winter, a black raven, or an old hag.

Sehanine – Sehanine is the Unaligned goddess of the Moon and Love. Elves, halflings, theives, and lovers venerate her. Sehanine insists that all of her followers avoid zealotry and walk a middle path between good and evil. She is close allies with Avandra and gets along swimmingly with many other gods like Corellon, Pelor and the Raven Queen. Her foes include Gruumsh, the Queen of Air and Darkness, and the evil deities of the drow.


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