Uncomfortably Tall Adventurers (UTA)
Founded on the King’s Road West of Fallcrest, the UTA is a group of like-minded individuals who have one mission and one mission only: Winning. Fortunately for adventuring purposes, many other missions fit under that broad heading. Actually, with roster turnover and several casualties, they’ve become pretty much average height. This only makes them more enigmatic!

Deathless Watch
The armed guards of Prince Rolan the Deathless are stationed out of the Deathless Palace in Gloomwrought. On average, they are mean, stupid, and corrupt. They also have a nasty habit of refusing to stay dead…

The Frost Five
An intrepid group of adventurers for hire, the publicly-adored* and critically-acclaimed* Frost Five are lead by the equally adored and acclaimed Manny Frost.
*Results may vary.

House Bailey
One of several prominent trading companies in the Nentir Vale, House Bailey is undoubtedly the most powerful. Founded decades ago by the eladrin from which it takes its name, the House is currently overseen by acting CEO Slater Grimmjow. House Bailey has been known to provide all manner of goods for all varieties of customers, leading to the popular wisdom that if you’ve got the coin, Bailey’s has the product. Its satellite branches dot the Vale from the Iron Hills to Hammerfast so the House make for a powerful ally, or a dangerous enemy.

House Harskel
The most powerful trading house in Gloomwrought, as directed by Dedrek Harskel. A mainstay of the Shadowfell business scene in Gloomwrought and a force not to be trifled with.

Midnight’s Own
A band of rebels, or perhaps freedom fighters, who agitate for a new world order in Gloomwrought. Fed up with the oppressive reign of of Prince Rolan, the Midnight’s Own are not above terrorist tactics in their pursuit of reform.

Ghost Talon
In contrast to the Midnight’s Own, the Ghost Talon advocate even more radical revolution in Gloomwrought. Specifically, they advocate a return to historical Shadar Kai dominance in every aspect of city life. Led by the formidable Oristus, the Ghost Talon seize every opportunity to advance their supremacist agenda.

Ashen Covenant
A mysterious cult devoted to Orcus. The UTA first encountered their activity in the person of the dark priest Kalarel.

Mages of Saruun
The Mages of Saruun are a loose association of Mages who established a colony in the Seven-Pillared Hall of Saruun Khel in Thunderspire Labyrinth. They are led by a powerful wizard who wears black robes and a golden mask – the Ordinator Arcanis. The Ordinator and the other Mages maintain order in the Seven-Pillared Hall through strict rules and armed enforcers. Among these enforcers are the ogre, Brugg, and the hulking Bronze Warders.

The Wheale Borough Mercantile Shipping and Trade Company (WBMST Co.)
A once-powerful trade company started by Red Wheale Borough that has lost much of its prestige over the last twenty years. Originally dealing with bulk packaging over land and sea, the company started to change its shipping interests shortly before its downfall under the operation of Red’s son, ‘Squeaky’ Wheale Borough. The emblem of the company, is a shell resting between a laurel wreath.


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