Memorable Quotes

Season 3, The Shadowfell

*Orsik begins Last Sight ritual on demon he just killed.
“…You want to watch yourself kill it?”
- Leif and Orsik, post battle

“In my devotion to death, I have forgotten how… TO LIVE.”
-Chris, doing Orsik better than Orsik

“Curses don’t stack!”
-Rusty, profaning another holy item

Season 2, Thunderspire Labyrinth

“A dance with the devil lasts for an eternity!”
“I love dancing!”
“Then let’s tango, motherfucker.”
- Orisk talks some sense into Paldemar

“I like totally got you guys. Bros, I am so stoked for this battle.”
-Jack Bornfist, springing an ambush

“…weight room.”
-Vanguard, falling unconscious and being sold into slavery by Jack Bornfist

“When an unstoppable force encounters an immovable object, stand back and wait for the class action lawsuit.”
-Finn, negotiating with his trademark savvy

This entire log post.
-Peter, resident scholar

Season 1.5, Kobold Hall

“Come, Fudge, show them the meaning of haste!”
-Vanguard, galloping to the rescue

Season 1, Keep on the Shadowfell

“Fuck your dungeon, sir.”
-Keith, when Leif fell unconscious, naked, in a whirlpool trap

“Get ready for a railing!!”
-Peter, scraping the bottom of the pun barrel

Memorable Quotes

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