Nestled in the Cairngorn peaks of the Nentir Vale, the tiny village of Matthallal was once a bucolic paradise with a vibrant cultural life.

Traditional garb of matthallal
Men of Matthallal in traditional village garb

In the Year of the Mithral Hammer the village was razed to the ground, and its citizens either slaughtered or enslaved by the Bloodreavers.

Pre-Bloodreaver invasion

Though the hardy citizens of this hamlet fought valiantly to save their homes, they were no match for the Bloodreavers, who had the advantages of superior arms and greater numbers, not to mention the element of surprise. The sole survivor was the great Vanguard Forthwind of UTA fame, then a mere child, who managed to escape from the flames of his ruined home into the harsh and unyielding wilderness where he began to forge his legend.

Vanguard and the UTA went back to the ruins of Matthallal to find a prosperous town in it’s place. It was a perfect little utopia where all the citizenry had a warm hearth and amicable company. The only problem was that Ted Bornfist, the younger brother of Jack Bornfist was the mayor of the town and Vanguard refused to let any town called “Bornfistia” prosper on the ruins on his home. The town was subsequently destroyed again, this time by a army of undead commanded by Sagebrush Forthwind.


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