Active Quests

This is a list of current major and minor quests being pursued by the UTA


Judgment of the Fey Court
A mysterious Fey court has returned to the Midsummer Hall in Gloomwrought’s Deathless Keep. They have demanded to see Finn Bailey, and seem intent to strip him of his powers. Can the newest Knight of the Shiere prove his worth?

The King of Liches
Objective: Marshal a large enough force to prevent Gloomwrought’s destruction by the Lord of Liches, Kalarel, and his consort, Sagebrush Forthwind. Destroy the lich once and for all and release Sagebrush from her torment!
Central PCs: Vanguard Forthwind

The Heretic, Vorkhesis
Objective: The right-hand servant of the Raven Queen, Vorkhesis, has risen up to claim her thrown as his own. The god of death now lies imprisoned and cut-off in Lethernia while Vorkhesis, a demigod in his own right, carries out her work in his Fortress of Farad Exitis. Bring him to justice and restore the one true god of death!
Given by: Nira
Central PCs: Orsik the Seeker

The Exiled Heir
Objective: Slater Grimmjow, CEO of House Bailey, has banished the rightful heir, Finn Bailey. Restore the tarnished image of the House and return Finn to his rightful place, by whatever means necessary.
Central PCs: Finn

A Soul in Tatters
Objective: Rusty of Wheale Borough’s soul has seen some trouble. After being split in two following an untimely death, Rusty lived two lives. One half grew in the Shadowfell, becoming tainted and ensnared by the despair of that plane. The other half was sold to a demon to rescue a family member in peril. Now the two sides have collided, and some resolution must be struck for Rusty to live in peace.
Central PCs: Rusty

The Orphan Knight
Objective: On his deathbed, Celeborn, Leif Blaze’s old mentor, instructed Leif to seek out a disgraced priest of Avandra named Aelor. As of yet, no details have come to light as to this priest’s whereabouts, or what it could mean for Leif’s past. Leif has also received mysterious gifts from a group identifying themselves as ‘The Archangels’.
Central PCs: Leif Blaze

A Lifelong Manhunt
Objective: Bring the monster Jack Bornfist to justice for his crimes against the people of Matt Hallal!
Central PCs: Vanguard Forthwind

The Seven Runes of Death
Objective: Hunt down and reunite the seven runes of death.
Given by: Raven Queen
Central PCs: Orsik the Seeker

Active Quests

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