Yarol's Infinite Flagon (YIF)

An everlasting flagon of wine


When unstopping the flagon roll 1d10. The quality of the wine produced is determined by:
10: glorious wine with a striking bouquet and electrifying mouthfeel
9-2: fine wine of increasing quality, from passable (2) to exquisite (9)
1: brackish swill suitable only to sailors and vagrants (ongoing 3 poison)

YIF may be used in this way once per day, producing enough wine for a small banquet or dwarf bachelorette party.


Yarol, the kindly tiefling innkeeper of the House of Black Lanterns in the Shadowfell, gifted his trademark Infinite Flagon to the UTA, following their assistance with an unfortunate Oni infestation. It’s nectar is sweet and everlasting, although the quality admittedly varies by the cup. The flagon itself is made of simple clay with leather straps, and it has an unremarkable appearance.

Yarol's Infinite Flagon (YIF)

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