weapon (melee)

Military versatile melee weapon
Proficient: +3
Damage: 1 d8
Critical: 2 d6 damage
Property: +2 bonus to perception checks
Property: Ignore the perception penalty while sleeping
Power (Daily): Free Action. You can use this power before any creature has acted in a surprise round and even if you are surprised. you and your allies within five squares of you are no longer surprised. You can act during the surprise round if applicable. If no one is surprised, skip the surprise round and instead begin combat as normal.


Imbued with the spirit of a direwolf by a mysterious wizard, Warfang is a longsword with powerful magical properties. The sword is made from dull gray steel, with a jagged, serrated edge like the fangs of a wolf. The spirit of the direwolf within the blade vigilantly guards against danger, alerting its owner to lurking foes and boosting his or her senses. Vanguard Forthwind now wields the legendary blade, having found it in the recently liberated Horned Helm.


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