The Seven Runes of Death


You gain access to increasingly powerful abilities as you acquire more Death Runes.

1 Rune) An enemy within 10 squares is reduced to 0 hitpoints – you or an ally that you can see may spend a healing surge. (1/encounter)
2 Runes) You hit an adjacent enemy – as an encounter power, deal an extra 1d12 necrotic damage, but take 1d6 necrotic damage. (Doubles at Paragon tier)
3 Runes) As a daily power, lose a healing surge and reroll 1d20, taking the second result even if it is lower.
4 Runes) Trigger: an ally you can see fails a death saving throw. Effect: gain an action point.
5 Runes) Holder’s maximum number of healing surges is reduced by 4. You do not fall unconscious at zero hitpoints. You still die at your negative bloodied value.


Legend holds that the Raven Queen created the seven Death Runes in order to impart a fragment of her power to her most loyal followers. The seven runes were distributed to the seven septarchs of her realm. It is said that the power of the Runes was too great for these mortals, powerful though they were. Each septarch succumbed to corruption or betrayal of one sort or another, and the seven runes were lost across time and space.

Those who have heard of the Death Runes assume them to be either baseless legend or else destroyed centuries ago. The most loyal subjects of the Raven Queen, Orsik the Seeker new among them, have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of the Runes. Eventually they hope to reunite them and make a gift of them back to their dark mistress in the Shadowfell.

Locations of the runes:
1) Orsik the Seeker discovered one in a shrine to the Raven Queen buried deep beneath the earth.
2) Orsik the Seeker was led to a second rune locked within an ancient and abandoned keep.
3) Orsik the Seeker sought and found a third rune in the possession of the wizard Paldemar.
4) Orsik the Seeker obtained a fourth rune in the ruins of the Death Giant Fortress, Kazzak’tul.
5) Discovered on the body of a previous seeker, in the bowels of the Crawling Keep.
6-7) Unknown

The Seven Runes of Death

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