The Dagger of Ursh

Level 13 Bloodthirsty Dagger +3

weapon (melee)

This weapon drinks the blood of its victims.

Weapon: light blade
Enhancement: +3 attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d10 damage per plus
Properties: Gain a +1 to attack rolls against bloodied targets, and add an item bonus equal to the enhancement bonus of this weapon to damage rolls against bloodied targets


This intimidating weapon was found by the UTA upon a ship also called the “Dagger of Ursh.” Due to managerial turnover, the ship has since been renamed but the dagger still retains the moniker. It was originally wielded by the demonic half of Rusty Wheale Borough.

The dagger has become the property of Rusty’s better half after the demon’s quick escape from the encounter upon that very ship. It has definitely been as bloodthirsty as advertised.

The Dagger of Ursh

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