Legendary artifact created by the Raven Queen


An unassumingly black cylinder, about 14 inches long and a consistent 1 inch in diameter, save a slight depression at one end where it might be held. There are faint golden markings, although they appear to be mostly ornamental. The rod is heavier than wood but not quite sturdy enough to be made from metal.


Alternately known as the “god-killer”, or simply the “Black Rod”, this inconspicuous weapon was forged several millenia ago by the most powerful Death Giant artificers. Commissioned in secret by the sorceress who would become the Raven Queen, it is said that the rod required hundreds if not thousands of lives in the ritual which produced it. This is all speculation of course, as the last of the Death Giants has long since disappeared. The artifact itself was locked away in an ancient fortress, until just recently.

“It gives you the ability to kill an immortal, but not the strength,”
- Nira, High Priestess of the Raven Queen


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