Z. D'Biez


Z. D’Biez was born to a fairly wealthy family in the Feywild. The D’Biez clan ran a wildly successful honey business, with Z.’s father at the head. Z. and his brother, Gheoph, were raised under the assumption that they would take over the business one day. While Gheoph was taught to manage the day-to-day business, Z. was trained to handle the business dealings with clients.

However, Z. wished to become an historian, and chose to learn from the family skald, Papa D’Biez, who also taught Z. how to jam sick tunes. Z.’s father disapproved, however. As a result, Z. traveled with his father to attend parties and meetings. ’Twas a lavish lifestyle from which Z. learned how to entertain the rich and powerful. Eventually, Z. was able to take on the business on his own.

While returning from one of these trips, Z. was accosted by mercenaries who were after a bounty which had been placed on his head. Z. managed to escape his attackers and learned that his father was murdered, and he was being framed for it. Z. discovered that Gheoph had placed the bounty, which lead him to believe that Gheoph was the true murderer. Z. decided it was best that he leave the Feywild altogether, so he took up work as a traveling bard in the Nentir Vale, always watching out for his brother’s mercenaries.

One day while passing near Hammerfast, Z. was abducted by a strange large man named Claus, who took him to a group of shockingly tall fellows who called themselves the UTA. Since then Z. has been accompanying them when they need him.

During a recent adventure with this group in the Feywild, Z. was kidnapped by satyrs, only to be quickly saved by Fin’s handy magic (it was a large ice hand). Later on, he discovered that the satyrs were mercenaries hired by the foul-smelling, uneducated, disgustingly obese and terribly rude Laird D’Biez. Not only that, but Z. briefly caught a glimpse of Gheoph in a heated argument with a demon before they vanished through a portal. Laird escaped, but now the UTA knows about his residuum cartel. If Laird is involved, Gheoph made all the wrong choices, and Z. has been wondering just how responsible Gheoph really was for his father’s death…

At some point Z. is going to have to man up and return home… to D’Biez Nest.

Z. D'Biez

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