Exarch of the Raven Queen


Vorkhesis was born without eyes but has the ability to see far beyond himself and his surroundings. He also only has one hand, in which he grips a black longspear. His bluish skin and large wings are protected by fantastically ornate armor, decorated with symbols of Fate and Death.


Vorkhesis is the exarch of the Raven Queen—meaning that he rules Farad Exitis, the gateway into Zvomarana. He has held sway in this lonely temple for millennia. He is called the Master of Fate and knows the ultimate fate of ever creature that has ever lived, whether or not they have yet perished. He is sometimes called the “Son of the Raven Queen” but it is unknown if he is the actually offspring of the Raven Queen or this is merely a title bestowed upon him as he is the first of the Sorrowsworm.

The Uncomfortably Tall Adventurers recently learned through Orsik’s commune with the Raven Queen in the Sorrowmere that she is trapped under Vorkhesis’ control. Currently, her domain as the god of Death and Fate has been overtaken by her blind exarch in Letherna and it’s up to Orsik the Seeker to save her from her own cruel fate!


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