Vanguard Forthwind

Human Ranger

Vanguard Forthwind was born in the tiny village of Matthallal on the fourth day of Hammer in the Year of the Neomen Swords. As a child, he witnessed the slaughter of his entire village by a vicious band of slavers known as the Bloodreavers. The sole survivor, Vanguard managed to live for several years on his own in the Winterbole forest, becoming a master outdoorsman. After a particularly harsh winter, he was found by a group of traveling adventurers who took him under their collective wing and instructed him in the ways of combat. Since then he has spent his life searching for the leader of the Bloodreavers, Jack Bornfist. His one consuming passion has been to find Bornfist and make him answer for his crimes.

This quest has not been going well. Bornfist has remained beyond Vanguard’s grasp, and upon a return to the ruins of Matthallal, Vanguard was horrified to discover that Bornfist had built a new city, Bornfistia, over the bones of his ancestral home and made his brother, Ted, governor. Here, Vanguard met the nephew he never knew he had, Horatio. Horatio informed Vanguard that his sister, Sagebrush, was alive. She had been held captive by Bornfist for many years, living as a member of his harem, and it was here that she had borne him Horatio. When Jack chopped of his son’s leg in a fit of petulance, this was the last straw for Sagebrush, and she and her son ran away. The two heard rumors of a hero by the name of Forthwind traveling across the Nentir Vale, and sent a letter Vanguard asking for his help, a task made more difficult by the fact that the two had only rumors to rely on for Vanguard’s whereabouts. Alas, Vanguard arrived too late. When he met Horatio hiding in the ruins of the old Forthwind homestead, Sagebrush had already been captured by Ted Bornfist’s troops. Vanguard and the UTA managed to fight their way through the monsters and traps in the tomb of Matthallal and slay ted Bornfist and his lackeys, but they arrived too late to prevent these villains from ritually sacrificing Sagebrush, and raising her again as a lich. The newly transformed Sagebrush summoned an army of undead, and led this blighted horde in razing Bornfistia to the ground.

For the second time in his life, Vanguard was forced to flee as the city of his fathers was burned to the ground.

Although Vanguard searched for her whereabouts, for weeks afterward there was no sign of Sagebrush or her army. They seemed to have vanished from the Nentir Vale. Jack Bornfist, too, was nowhere to be found. Reluctantly, Vanguard agreed to accompany the rest of the UTA on a journey to the Shadowfell. To his surprise, he discovered that Sagebrush was here and that she had betrothed herself and her army into an unholy union with that of a powerful undead creature calling himself the Lord of Liches, a creature who turned out to be none other than Kalarel. Now Vanguard and the UTA must find a way to raise an army to defeat this undead horde, lest yet another city fall under his watch. This task is made more complicated fact that the UTA has broken away from Slater Grimjoww, the party’s longtime employer over his ruthless and exploitative business practices. Will Vanguard be able to save the city of Gloomworught? What will he do when he meets what was once his sister in battle? Where is Bornfist? Tune in next month and find out!

Vanguard Forthwind

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