Thomas "Tommy" Wonderword

Memory-stealing Gnome storyteller and grade-A jerk


Age: unknown
Height: 3’2"
Weight: 62
Race: Gnome
Class: Bard
Alignment: chaotic neutral
Deity: wonder
Hair Color: red
Eye Color: black
Skin Tone: flushed with color
Body Type: wonderful
Birthplace: unknown


The UTA encountered this wise-cracking, glitter-tossing SOB not far down the path from Nachtur, an eladrin city in the Feywild. He didn’t even try to be pleasant, he just got right up in our faces, threw some glitter and told us to tell him about our dreams.

Yeah, very…Fey.

Rusty told him a bit about a strange dream he had where he and Brugg shared an intimate experience just to try and appease the stupid gnome but he was unimpressed. Vanguard then stepped forward and told the three-foot-tall parasite a tale of such gravitas and emotion that it could only have been written by the pen of Fate itself. Vanguard told Wonderword the story of Matthallal from start to finish and the little loser wrote down ever last word.

“Bravo! Bravo, good sir!” he said with a twinkle in his eye. And shortly thereafter, he went on his merry way. But alas, the gnomish lichen absconded with Vanguard’s memories! The ones that weigh down his heart yet fuel his passion for justice! Now Vanguard, unshackled, must hunt down this ass-hat and get back his memories, lest Bornfist’s crimes go unpunished!!

Thomas "Tommy" Wonderword

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