Terroc Stormbourne

Minotaur Warden


Terroc was born in the middle of a great storm to a small band of wandering Minotaur. Unable to care for another member, the tribe was forced to leave Terroc with a trusted group of elves that the tribe was traveling with at the time. The group parted ways soon after, and Terroc was left with little memory of his former family.

Raised by the elves until maturity, Terroc developed a strong connection with nature and showed a great interest in maintaining its well-being. Blessed with an affinity towards the power of the storm, no doubt because of the nature of his birth, he trained as a Warden to balance his primal upbringing with his brutal heritage. He left his elf family as soon as he was capable to continue his studies in solitude.

Never staying in one place for too long, Terroc bounces from forest to forest, paying homage to the natural spirits with his hawk companion, Simon. Recently, however, he has been mysteriously plagued with recurring dreams depicting the suffering and deaths of Minotaur. Troubled greatly, he has decided to return to various sites of historical importance in Minotaur culture, in order to better understand his heritage and his role in the world.

After being captured in Thundespire, Terroc realized the dangers of traveling alone. Upon being rescued by the UTA, he has temporarily teamed up with them in order to show his thanks and continue his pilgrimage. His battle skills have shown to be a great boon to the UTA, and his ability to turn into a mountain have aroused and titillated many adventurers, notable Fin.

Terroc Stormbourne

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