Slater Grimmjow


Slater Grimmjow had never fit the dwarf stereotype very well. You couldn’t tell it by looking at him – his thick grey mail and even thicker grey beard and braid labeled him a true man of his race. At his heart, however, his passion for beer and battle had always paled against his passion for business. He knew of no greater pleasure than that of turning a profit, crushing the competition, dominating the market.

He had done precisely these things for decades in Fallcrest, building up a trade empire with his good friend and partner, the late D.R. Bailey. Thanks to these men, House Bailey is a name spoken with respect, and sometimes fear, from the Iron Hills to Hammerfast.

He is currently the acting CEO of House Bailey, although the House is the rightful property of his late partner’s young son, Finn Bailey. Now that Grimmjow has sent Finn to pursue real-life experience, Grimmjow is content to run the company as he sees fit.

Slater Grimmjow

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