The wizard Paldemar once schemed to overthrow the Mages of Saruun in the Seven-Pillared Hall. Although he was originally a Mage of Saruun himself, Paldemar had grown dissatisfied with the Hall’s management, characterized as it was by heavy taxes and belligerent/extorting enforcers like Brugg the ogre.

The UTA discovered that Paldemar, a soft-spoken and polite old man who wears red and black robes, intended to construct an infernal machine which would allow him to control all of the Hall’s Bronze Warders during his coup attempt. In order to gain access to this technology, Paldemar turned to worshipping the dark lord of secrets, Vecna.

Disturbed and concerned by his association with the One-Eyed God, the UTA were forced to intervene, destroying the machine and eliminating any threat of open war in the Labyrinth. Nevertheless, pity stayed their hand when the time came to destroy the wizard. Well, pity and Paldemar’s promise to assist them in whatever way he can.

Now Paldemar remains in his shattered tower, watching over the UTA as an “eye in the sky” and erstwhile ally.


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