Orsik the Seeker

Dwarven Runepriest


Orsik comes from the mines beneath Hammerfast, originally a mostly irrelevant member of a lowly mountain clan. But Orsik exchanged his miner’s pick for a runed maul many years ago. After discovering a secret and ancient magic rune deep within the earth, Orsik encountered an aspect of the Raven Queen. She rescued him from a massive cave-in and in return he was charged with an epic mission in her service.

He must recover the Seven Runes of Death, forged by the Raven Queen but relegated to myth and all but forgotten after thousands of years of being lost across the planes. Orsik has devoted his life to this goal, taking on a new name and dedicating all his energy towards seeking out and acquiring the runes for his Dark Lady of Fate.

A diverse and powerful warrior, when Orsik discovers new runes he tattoos them onto his body for inseparable magical access. Over the years he has become exceptionally skilled, particularly in the realms of fate and death.

Orsik the Seeker

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