Leif Blaze

Human Paladin of Avandra


Leif Blaze was an orphan. Leif was given over to the care of the cleric Celeborn who raised him at the Temple of Avandra in Fallcrest. After scraping his way through paladin school with mostly D’s and incompletes, Leif became a full-time adventurer in his goddess’ name, doing the Temple’s bidding whenever called upon. He would like to know as much as possible about his parents.

He recently learned from the dying Celeborn that the ex-priest “Aelor” might know something about his history. (Season 1)

Leif received a mysterious gift, evidently sent from the Astral Sea. A Belt of Vim that boosts his martial prowess! How delightful. Checking around, he discovers that the package bears the markings of The Archangels, a rebel group currently waging a bitter civil war with Avandra in the Astral Sea! Leif wears the bely anyway, because stats are stats. (Season 2)

Leif learns from the deva Feluria that The War Among the Angels continues still, with the mysterious ex-priest, Aelor, as one of the rebel leaders. She offers more information in exchange for power in destabilized Gloomwrought. First, the belt appears to be some manner of tracking device, possibly something more sinister! Second, She has heard that 20 some years ago Aelor conceived a child with an angel, breaking divine law. In response, Avandra exiled all the bastards from her domain. Could Leif be that child? (Season 3)

Leif Blaze

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