Dedrek Harskel


Dedrek Harskel is a rather heavyset shadowborn human. He has long dark hair and a well-manicured beard that comes to a point under his chin. Ever-flanked by his two Goliath bodyguards, he typically wears his father’s sword and his family’s signet ring over his lavish clothes.


Harskel was the youngest son of Paeter Harskel and it was strongly believed that he would never inherit the leadership of the infamous Gloomwrought mercantile empire. However, only a few months after his father’s passing, Dedrek’s siblings all mysteriously disappeared or died unfortunately in terrible accidents. One was even found guilty of treason against Prince Rolan…he was subsequently executed on the spot. And in about six months time, no one was standing in between Dedrek and his father’s proverbial trading throne.

Dedrek has ruled the House Harskel for ten years now and he has taken steps to ensure the greatness of House Harskel. He manages a complex web of plots and is always on the lookout for opportunity to bring profit to his company.

Slater Grimmjow has been trying for months to open a portal to the Shadowfell so that he would be able to make contact with Dedrek and his house. Both House Bailey and Harskel would profit very much from their interplanar dealings. House Harskel has overflowing stores of ebony whereas House Bailey has access to fresh water and small black vials of goo. There union would do wondrous and profitable things for the two Houses, and the Gloomwrought stock exchange.

Following a business deal gone sour, Dedrek Harskel has fled Gloomwrought and gone into hiding. Rumors hold that a package delivered on behalf of a powerful necromancer had gone missing under Harskel’s watch…

Dedrek Harskel

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