Impish in size and build, Azuzu still carries an aura of desperation wherever he might travel. His skin is a burnt reddish in color and his face has strange markings instead of human features. Azuzu has horn-like projections on either side of his head and similar small protrusions on his back and joints.


Azuzu is a demonic emissary in the service of the demon lord Demogorgon. He was first encountered by the UTA in the Well of Demons. He provided information to assist them in their campaign against the spreading cult of Orcus, and later returned to strike a bargain with Rusty. In exchange for Rusty’s devotion to Demogorgon, Azuzu disrupted a sacrificial ritual which otherwise would have claimed the life of Rusty’s father.

Azuzu occasionally comes to Rusty in order to demand small acts of service, as per their agreement. The exact character of this bargain remains to be seen.


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