Azuun Bennic

Genasi Ambassador to Gloomwrought


Azuun Bennic has a reputation to maintain, and he does so with his trademark bluster and charm. The genasi is best known for hard drinking, hard wenching, and downright brawling his way through the political landscape of Gloomwrought. A staple of Prince Rolan’s court and the fighting pits of the Fettered Ward alike, Azuun is well-liked and well-scorned in equal measure. A long-time ambassador from the City of Brass in the Elemental Chaos, rumor has it that Azuun was originally sent to the Shadowfell as an attempt by his superiors to temper his more boisterous qualities. Remarkably, the attempt failed and he has taken to the city like few others before him.

Unfortunately, the fine ambassador was dispatched in front of a live studio audience by the UTA themselves. Finding himself trapped between the politically motivated Ghost Talon, and the (perhaps) selfishly motivated UTA, Azuun was made into a political statement through violent execution. No more foreign influence in Gloomwrought! Down with Prince Rolan! In his final act he burned a small letter form his breast pocket, sending the embers arching into the midnight sky.

Azuun Bennic

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