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Perspectives: Leif Blaze

“Perspectives” takes a closer look at the thoughts of one of our strapping adventurers. This time we go to Leif Blaze, during a scene from our upcoming adventure log post.

Leif wedged together his eyebrows into what he hoped was a thoughtful expression. He stroked his stubbly chin, all pensive maybe, like a wizard, or whatever. Lately, Leif had been putting on his “thinkin’ face” whenever the diplomatic crap really kicked in. He figured if he looked like he was about to say somethin’ smart, Finn and the other fellas wouldn’t ask him anything. Finn was gettin’ all excited and glowy again; that’s just embarrassing. He looked like a sunrod.

They were really laying into this Chief Rowlins guy. Pretty sweet castle, Leif thought, admiring the plants. Booby-trapped ferns? Probably. Leif stole another glance at the guy with his head on fire – damn, he wanted to fight that guy! Was that a spell or something? Leif made a note to ask Finn about it later; he wrote it on his hand, cus otherwise he might forget. I mean, if he could set his head on fire, Leif Blaze?? The marketing pretty much writes itself. Which is good, because writing blows. Manny probably had a flaming beard in two or three styles already. Goddamn Manny.

”Mortal, if you please. I have not been to my home in many lifetimes. What news from the Astral Sea?” said a mellifluous voice. Leif didn’t think that. He thought it sounded sort of like warm pudding.

If they were already calling him in, the talks were going downhill fast. Leif started to unsheathe his hammer, but then he stopped. They were still talking to Rowling. Wait, so, no hitting yet?

”Mortal? What of the war among the angels?”

Leif locked eyes with the handsome angel lady who had walked in before. Francesca? She was sitting on Robin’s armrest, but she was looking right at Leif now. Nobody else reacted – she must be telepatho, holy cow. But what was she talkin’ about? All Leif knew about the Astral Sea was straight out of the picture books at the abbey. Celeborn had given him some, way back when. The deva looked away, disappointed.

“Oh, I see. You were just born there.”

Oh crap, did she hear what he was thinking? Was he supposed to think something back at her? Leif regretted looking at her butt when she walked in. Leif tried to think about something, anything, other than her butt. It didn’t help. Oh, now everyone was leaving. He followed the others out a side exit, scribbling down another note to chat with this chick again later.

Side note: Experience total from last session was a hefty 1800 exp. for each character! Thanks for reading!


When are we playing next? ….Can it be, like, oh I dunno….tomorrow??? But seriously, we should pick a time. I need my XP fix.

Perspectives: Leif Blaze

I’m thinking some time late August, maybe 8/17, 8/24, or 8/31!

Perspectives: Leif Blaze

Just soz yallz knowz: Ima be in WA from the 17th to the 23rd so no go between those dates for me.

Perspectives: Leif Blaze

Shouldn’t Leif, maybe, try asking Feluria about some disgraced priest named “Aelor” in order to learn the truth about his father’s death??

Perspectives: Leif Blaze

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